Wax Melts Cubes


Soy Wax Cubes. They are placed in a wax burner and release their aroma in the area with intensity and long duration, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Wax melts are soy wax, with a strong essential oil content, that offer moments of relaxation and well-being. They are an economical solution to perfume your space, as they last longer since you can melt a piece in your perfumer over and over again until the scent fades.

The Wax Melts Cubes are 70 gr and have a burning time of 80-90 hours.

Directions for use

Place 1 piece of the melts in the Wax Burner, light a tea light candle and place it in its recess. Wait for the aroma from the melted candle to waft into your area.

• After each burn the wax melts solidify and can be reused in a new burn.

• In case of changing wax melt or perfume, remove the previous wax from the perfumer.

Extra removal tips

• In case you want to remove the solid wax melt from the perfumer, light a tea light candle for about 1 minute and then remove it easily (as one piece) with your hand.
• In case it is liquid and you want to remove it, use some cotton on the top of the wax burner and wipe it until it is completely absorbed.




Natural Ingredients

Sustainable Packaging