Wax Melt Σχήμα Σοκολάτας.


Wax Melts are small pieces of soy wax with a rich aroma content. When the Wax Melts are in their cold form they have a soft aroma, while when they are heated in the special burner their wonderful aroma emerges.

Wax melts are an economical solution to scent your space, as due to the lack of a wick, they last longer since you can melt a piece in your scenter, over and over until the scent fades. They are ideally combined with Reed Diffusers.

Recommended quantity for the wax melter : 2 pieces

Directions for use

Place 2 wax melts in the burner (wax melter), light a tealight candle in the burner and enjoy the scent of your choice gradually flooding your space.

Use the wax melts until the scent fades and then remove the wax from the burner and insert a new one.

How to remove the wax from the perfumer?

  • Allow the piece of wax to melt normally and wipe with cotton to absorb it.
  • Clean thoroughly.
  • Place new wax melt in the burner.




Natural Ingredients

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