Cote d’Azur


Travel through the mythical scenic drive along the coastline of the French Riviera. Warm air revels the scent of pure freedom. The golden rays of Mediterranean glimmer on treetops and merge with azure tinted waves in a scented dance.

Reed diffusers evenly fragrance any space.

To enrich your aromatic experience, combine it with Candlique Candles for a special atmosphere.

Directions for use

Remove the string tying the sticks together and insert them into the bottle.

Place the reed diffuser in a central point of the space you want to fragrance.

The vividness of the aroma depends on the type of fragrance chosen, the number of sticks being used and the room temperature where the diffuser is located.

To maintain, flip the sticks over weekly, but if you prefer a more intense aromatic experience, you can flip them as often as you wish.


Top: Fresh-sea breeze, Hesperidian, Lemon peel, Bergamot, Linden Blossom, Peach Blossom

Heart: White Rose, Lily, Iris, Apricot

Base: Sandal, Cedarwood, Sea Salt, Musk

Fragrance Family: Flower Mix Marine




Natural Ingredients

Sustainable Packaging