Car / Closet Diffuser 10ml.


Hanging diffuser for car or wardrobe 10ml.

Suitable to perfume small spaces such as your car or your wardrobe. You will discover a wide variety of fragrances to choose from. For your help in the “Aromas” field you will find the basic characteristics of each aroma and their intensities.

Duration 2 months.

Candlique’s diffusers are handmade and infused with the best quality aromatic oils as they still do not contain alcohol. Vegan and cruelty free.

Directions for use

Unscrew the wooden lid with the cord.

Remove the plastic seal.

Screw the wooden lid back on with the cord.

Without removing the cord, carefully turn the bottle so that it does not drip, until the wooden lid absorbs the essention oil (3-4 seconds).

Repeat the turning of the diffuser to absorb the wooden lid the essential oil whenever you feel the scent fading.




Natural Ingredients

Sustainable Packaging