Credit/Debit or Prepaid Card

You should follow the instructions in the Online Store.

Once you have filled out your details on the order form, you will be re-directed on a specially protected page of the Bank’s affiliate where you will be asked to fill in your credit / debit card number and expiration date, the three-digit security code, as well as any other information your bank deems necessary to ensure a safe transaction. Attention is drawn to the fact that during the processing of the payment by the affiliate bank and until confirmation of the successful completion of your transaction, you should avoid the interruption of the processing of the transaction. You are solely responsible for the correct recording and the truth of your credit / debit card details and the card / wallet you use for the transaction should belong to you. For security reasons, the Company does not store the details of any credit / debit card or wallet for future use, so you must re-enter the data each time you want to make a new purchase. By entering the required credit / debit card information, or your wallet, you explicitly state that you have the legal right to use your credit / debit card or wallet. If your card or the default card of your wallet has no money, the transaction will not be possible, so make sure there is a sufficient balance. Your transactions are protected by top online security systems (SSL 128-bit encrypted digital certificate, CVV credit card 3-digit security code verification, additional on-line security transactions such as Verified By Visa ™ by Visa® or the MasterCard® SecureCode ™), which guarantee a secure trading environment. In any case, the Company cannot guarantee that it can prevent unauthorized third parties from using the information illegally. Also, the Company bears no responsibility for not proceeding to a credit / debit card freezing of funds in the event of fault of the Internet Banking Service Provider (Internet Service Provider or ISP).

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Complete the payment process in just a few clicks, using your stored cards securely via Apple or Google Pay. This way, you don’t have to enter your card details every time.

Cash on Delivery (for Greece only)

Your order is shipped to the address you select at registration and it is paid by the delivery, with an additional charge of 2 euros for the recipient. If the total value of your order exceeds € 499, it is not possible to pay by cash on delivery payment.

Bank Deposit

You can pay by Bank Deposit to our company’s account from the physical branch of your bank or via e-banking. The order is reserved for up to 3 working days. If you choose the bank deposit, you will need to deposit the total amount into the account below (any bank fee should be paid by consumer). In the comments of the deposit, specify your name or the order number. Then you have to send us the proof of payment by e-mail at in order to start the shipping process. Your order will be processed, as soon as we receive confirmation of your deposit.

Available Bank Accounts

IBAN: GR 21 0110 0530 0000 0530 0676 102
Beneficiary Name : Stefanidou Angelika Anastasia Pavlos
Swift Code: ETHNGRAA

IBAN: GR76 0260 2510 0005 9020 1770 624
Beneficiary Name : Stefanidou Angelika Pavlos
Swift Code: ERBKGRAA

Irrespective of the payment method you choose, you can choose to issue either a retail receipt or an invoice. An invoice is issued to companies and freelancers, provided they fill out the following information upon their order: company name, VAT number, competent Tax Office n and profession for self-employed persons. The invoice / receipt will be sent with your order. Also, regardless of the payment method you choose, you are entitled to a refund if you decide to return the Good/s under the terms hereof.


Delivery within the E.U is not subject to duties or any additional taxes. However, if you are acustomer from a non-E.U. country you may be asked to pay further duties at customs control. Cross-border deliveries are subject to possible inspection by the relevant custom authorities. Candlique company has no control over possible additional charges or inspections.


For our future partners, who wish to purchase the unique Candlique Artisanal Deco products, please send us an e-mail at with your demand and needs to discuss our cooperation policy.